Band Members Bios

Beverly Sulfsted is a resident of Lebanon, Ohio.   Music has  been one of my passions.   At the age of 9, I started to play  piano  and played clarinet in the high school band.   While in West Viriginia, I happened to take an interest in  the Mountain  Dulcimer and was a member of the Family Tree Dulcimers for 10 years.   Loving the bluegrass music, I started my own bluegrass band, Willow Creek.   When the band was first organized,  approximately 12 years ago, I played the mountain dulcimer and banjomer.  Then progressed to playing the “doghouse” bass.   As the bass became so cumbersome to carry along for “jams”, I decided to try the Mandolin.     I also love singing and my favorite of all music is  gospel music.   It is a wonderful feeling to reach the souls of the audience through a gospel song.

Bill Sulfsted is a resident of Lebanon, Ohio and has been playing music for 22 years.  Unfortunately years ago, when I had a Gibson Hummingbird I had no one  around to teach guitar.   When I married, Beverly, she gave me a ”baby” Martin Guitar for our wedding gift.   Since then music has filled me with great joy.       After learning the guitar, I also  joined the Family Tree Dulcimers and was a member for over 10 years.   When  Beverly, formed  the Willow Creek Band, I had a strong desire to play  the banjo.   I learned very quickly that this was not an easy instrument to learn.   My first banjo was an Odessa but after awhile I had a desire to own a Gibson.      So, I sold my Harley Davidson Motorcycle then purchased my Gibson RB3 from First Quality Music where if you visit you’ll see “Wild Bill” has signed the wall.

Nick Lagana and wife Gail are 30 plus year residents of Springboro, OH.  They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  Nick has started on his “next career” ….Retirement.  Playing a musical instrument is relatively new to Nick, but he hopes to make it a major part of his “next career”.  Prior to joining Willow Creek in 2008 he accompanied Gail, who is the real musician, playing various local venues as the “Lamplighters of Boro”.  Nick and Gail also were long time members of Springboro’s Family Tree Dulcimer Band.  Nick is really enjoying the variety and learning the multi layers of Bluegrass / Gospel.  He says the best part however, is meeting and jamming with so many friendly, talented people.

Harley Maynard lives in Waynesville, Ohio and has been with the Willow Creek Band approximately 8 years. Harley has played guitar since childhood learning from his father. Harley’s music influence would be Charlie Waller and the Country Gentlemen. Anyone who has caught our shows, know he does a great job on the Country Gentlemen songs. In addition to being a great guitarist, Harley is very active in the Masonic Lodge. Also many years ago he was tapped as the Arm Wrestling Champion.

Jennifer Maynard lives in Waynesville, Ohio and joined Willow Creek in 2012 after the band took a trip to Gatlinburg, TN visiting our favorite music store, cajone was purchased. The rest is history. Jennifer has played percussion for many years starting as a teenager in her high school band. The cajone brings a new dimension to the band as many groups on the bluegrass circuit are adding drums to their sound.

Connie Crone of Mason, Ohio joined Willow Creek in January 2013. She has studied Irish music for many years at The School of Irish Music in Cincinnati, Ohio. However, being from West Virginia, Connie wanted to play bluegrass music. Through friends in the music business, Connie was referred to Willow Creek and she has become an intricate part of the band.

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