Beverly Sulfsted  of Lebanon,  Ohio.   Music has  been one of my passions.   At the age of 9, I started to play  piano  and played clarinet in the high school band.   While in West Virginia, I happened to take an interest in  the Mountain  Dulcimer and was a member of the Family Tree Dulcimers for 10 years.   Loving the bluegrass music,  I formed the Willow Creek Band.  However, soon found out  dealing with band members was another challenge.  I had to learn early on how to lead the band.  I have learned no matter how much you pay someone if their goals are not the same as mine,  such as dealing with other females seeking to be solo artist, it is impossible to be part of a group and be a unit.  I have learned you have to hire not only people who are great musicians, but are great people.   Over the years, my tolerance has gotten lower,   I'm persistent and dedicated to the band,  I'm not afraid to make a decision that will make the band stronger.



We are thrilled to announce that Harley is back with Willow Creek after a 4 year hiatus!  Not only is Harley a great musician, but he brings music of Charlie Waller and Country Gentlemen to life through his vocals.


Bill Sulfsted  of Lebanon, Ohio and has been playing music for 22 years.  Unfortunately years ago, when he had a Gibson Hummingbird  no one was around to teach guitar.   When he married, Beverly, she gave him a ”baby” Martin Guitar for a wedding gift.   Since then music has filled me with great joy.       After learning the guitar, I also  joined the Family Tree Dulcimers and was a member for over 10 years.   When  Beverly, formed  the Willow Creek Band, Bill had a strong desire to play  the banjo.   He learned very quickly that this was not an easy instrument to learn.   His first banjo was an Odessa but after awhile  had a desire to own a Gibson.      So, he sold his Harley Davidson Motorcycle then purchased a Gibson RB3 from First Quality Music where if you visit you’ll see “Wild Bill” has signed the wall.

The Fiddler

Jerry Bullmaster of Dayton, Ohio joined Willow Creek in May, 2015 as the "Fiddler".  He first became interested in bluegrass music when he saw the Hotmud Family perform at Wright State University in 1976 and bought a banjo not long afterwards.  Jerry took up the fiddle in 2007.   In April, 2015, he ran into a long-time acquaintance, Janet Flexman (Willow Creek's bass player) at a bluegrass event at the Bellhop Café in Bellbrook, Ohio.  Not long afterwards, Jerry was invited to join the Willow Creek Band as the fiddle player.   Jerry has also been playing guitar for many years, and will be a great addition to the band.

THE BASS, "Frank Adams"  

Although I received a “crude” little guitar when I was five and loved it, I started playing music for real on the clarinet for the 5th grade band. Then my Mom made me take piano lessons at 13. But inside I had always wanted to play guitar, so when I got my first job I ran out and bought an acoustic guitar and a Kalamazoo bass. I later found out that the acoustic was a piece of junk but I didn’t know any better back then. It was unbelievable hard to press the strings so when I finally got a normal guitar, I felt like “Chet Atkins” ha-ha. I was hooked and have been ever since. As a teenager I started playing for country and gospel groups and loved it. When I started college I met a former old rock performer, Johnny Rivers lead guitarist, and took lessons from him. After that I started playing at weddings and formed a wedding band.

My music interests cover everything from rockabilly, country, bluegrass, to classic rock. I have been blessed to meet Charlie Pride, George Benson, Glen Campbell, Roy Clark and the Judds among other great musicians.

Currently I teach bass and guitar as well as sing and play solo at restaurants / wedding/ special events. And of course I also play with Willow Creek – good musicians and good friends.